Menti-ED Service User Agreement
(Updated as of 1st July 2020)

The following are the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) for the Menti-ED service (the "Menti-ED Service User Agreement") which govern your access to and use of Menti-ED service on our online platform. In order to use the Menti-ED service, you agree to be bounded by the following terms and conditions stated in this Menti-ED Service User Agreement:

1.     By agreeing to this Menti-ED Service User Agreement and/or by using this Service, you are also agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set out in our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement and our Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement and the Privacy Policy are hereby expressively incorporated and are deemed to be part of this Menti-ED Service User Agreement.

2.    “Mendi-ED” courses are pre-recorded Courses that are loaded onto the Platform (Hereby known as “Menti-ED Courses”), mainly on our website for you (The “Client”) to purchase in order to view it on our Platform. 

3.    You have to be at least 21 years of age to purchase and view any of our online courses (excluding the trailer) offered under “Menti-ED”.
4.    You are not allowed to purchase the “Menti-ED Courses” for anybody below the age of 21 years old, unless you are the parent/guardian of that person you are purchasing the Menti-ED Courses for and that the respective viewer is viewing the Course under your supervision. 

5.    The Menti-ED Courses are solely for educational and enrichment purposes and by no means serve as a replacement for formal medical and professional interventions. 

6.    Any forms of information, opinions, ideas and insights etc. gained, received and/or construed (hereby known as “Ideas”) from the Goods and Services that you have received are based on your own voluntary will and basis as a Client. We take no responsibility for any of the above aforementioned and the actions that you as the Client take during and thereafter upon using our Goods and Services. You undertake not to hold us liable for and also indemnify us against any loss, personal injuries and/or injuries of others related to you (in all forms, including but not limited to psychological, social, emotional and/or physical), harm or consequence(s) arising out of the same.

7.    We retain the full rights to determine and/or change the content, topics, duration and pricing of the “Menti-ED Courses”. 

8.    You are also not allowed to record the session with any devices, be it audio or video-recording and/or download the content of the videos. Any persons found to be doing so will be reported and action taken against him/her.  

9.    In relation to the use of our Goods and Services, during the course of your use or thereafter, you agree not to undertake in any behaviour that causes distress or harm, be it psychological, physical or verbal harm, including and not limiting to, threaten, abuse, harass, vulgar, obscene, racist or invade the privacy of us (Our Company, Our Directors, Our Employees, Our Affiliates) and others, including but not limited to your fellow Participants, our Clients and those around you. You also agree to respect the privacy of all us (Our Company, Our Directors, Our Employees, Our Affiliates) and your fellow Participants and Clients, such as agreeing not to divulge or misuse any personal information about us that you have gained in the course of using our Goods and Services, or intrude into our personal space (including but not limited to our homes, office and places that we may be at), during and outside the duration and course of your use of our Goods and Services. If you are found to have engaged activities in the aforementioned, we reserve the right to report you to the authorities for appropriate actions to be taken against you. You also undertake to not hold us responsible and liable and indemnify us should you act upon and commit any of the aforementioned.

10.    We reserve the right to refuse service and future service to you should you be deemed to be involved in any behaviours, including but not limited to those stated in Clause 9 that causes distress or harm to us, to our platform and to others, including but not limited to your fellow participants, our Clients and those around you.

11.    We also own the full Intellectual Property rights and Copyrights to the ownership of the content and materials created by us. As such, you are not authorized and do not have the rights to (be it for personal or commercial purposes) misuse, misappropriate, copy, circulate, download, reproduce, modify, copy, record, resale our Courses and its related materials for your own purposes and interest.

12.    In purchasing the “Menti-ED Courses”, you agree to pay only via legitimate and authorized modes of payment such as using credit cards and other payment modes (hereby known as “Payment Methods”) that you are officially authorized and have formal rights to do so. Otherwise, you are not to proceed to make the purchase. 

13.    In purchasing, you also authorize us to bill and charge you for the purchase and to have the rights to have your billing details and information and to retain them for purposes of billing. 

14.    We do not accept request for refunds for the Courses purchased on “Menti-ED” after you have purchased and paid for the Menti-ED Courses.

15.    We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions in this Menti-ED Service User Agreement from time to time without informing you prior to the change. Accordingly, if you do not agree to this clause on the modifications that the Company may make to this Menti-ED Service User Agreement in the future, do not use or access or continue to access the Menti-ED service.